The OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives Database organizes items into collections based on the Ontario Ministry of Education's documents. Collections are organizaed into subject areas (e.g. Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology) and strands (e.g. Arts: Music, Arts: Drama).

A manipulative is a tangible object such as a cube, prism, or solar system model that students can manipulate to acquire a deeper understanding of a concept. Other examples include puppets, games, and kits.

OISE Library's Curriculum Resources Collection contains over 600 manipulatives to support K-12 teaching and learning in all subject areas.

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Recently Added Items

Exploring and investigating balance

CR 510 E9672.jpg

View item in the U of T Libraries catalogue1 balance totter made with sanded wood. Totter has three indentations on each side for placing balls.…

Magna-tiles : metropolis

CR 624 M196 OVERSIZE.jpg

View item in the U of T Libraries catalogue 1 kit (110 pieces) : clear color plastic ; 58 squares, 34 triangles, 2 wheeled chassis, 1 door, 1…

Vegetable set of 5

CR 635 V4227.jpg

View item in the U of T Libraries catalogue"Wooden vegetables representing native North American species that were staples of many indigenous peoples.…