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The Battle of Hill 70: A Story of Canada in the Great War


The Battle of Hill 70: A Story of Canada in the Great War

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The First World War was a pivotal moment in Canadian history, considered by many to have played a large role in defining early Canadian identity. However, introducing WWI to Students can be a challenging feat; the horrific nature of this war is difficult to breakdown and represent to young minds.

The Battle of Hill 70: A Story of Canada in the Great War activity kit was designed to introduce your students to the First World War. The Kit allows your students to actively engage with WWI material, and learn about the people who endured this horrific event.

This kit encourages students to divide into small groups and engage with the various topics this kit organizes. 

Within the kit you will find,

1 Teachers guide, 2 Books,  The Lads in Their Hundreds, Battle of Hill 70 (graphic novel), and 10 sets of envelopes titled,

  1. Home front
  2. Maps
  3. Courage
  4. Artistic
  5. Period photographs
  6. Recruitment posters
  7. Official documents
  8. Discovery
  9. Messages home
  10. Learning strategies & profiles

Within the envelopes above are various  kinds of replicated media from the period, including posters, postcards, photographs, artwork, etc. Inside the Learning Strategies & Profiles envelope there are 12 topics represented by letters A-L. Each of these profiles include a worksheet summarizing a group’s task, and highlighting which coordinating booklet which provides the necessary information within.

How to use this kit

Within the teachers guide there are three suggested activities designed to help your students engage with the material.

 1.) Exhibition of Learning

Students in small groups or pairs will each receive a profile and its corresponding booklet. Task students to read the booklets and to select at least four of the items listed under the heading “learning activities” on their profile and commence their research. The students will read, research, and prepare a visual piece along with an oral presentation, to present to the class.


Create two visual items, (Venn diagram, chart, letter, drawing, video, social media account) to display to the class or school.

2.) Museum Curator Activity

Let your students’ creative sides shine by having them be curators for the local museum. Assign a profile to groups of 3-4 and have them create an exhibit using materials they source from online, and the media in the envelopes provided. Have the students “pitch” their idea to the museum board explaining their choices, and what they learned, to the class.

3.) Jigsaw Teaching Technique

The teacher’s guide within also suggested using the Jigsaw method, and provided a link with further instructions on how to incorporate this method into the project. https://www.jigsaw.org/

Overall this activity kit is an excellent source to use when introducing your class to the First World War. Students will enjoy the group work while learning about one of Canada’s monumental events.


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