Four-pan algebra balance


Four-pan algebra balance


CR 512 K96F


The Four-Pan Algebra Balance Kit allows students to visualize and physically build algebraic equations. Students can use this kit to demonstrate the zero principle, explore integers, model and solve equivalent linear equations, and construct identities. By placing chips in the four pans, students can build simple equations such as 4-2=2 or model complex equations with variables. Students use chips to represent integers, and can solve for x by using chips placed in canisters as variables.

The unique feature of this four-pan algebra balance is that it can physically represent negative numbers. Chips placed in yellow pans represent positive integers and chips placed in red pans represent negative integers. Test this out by placing chips in the yellow and red pans and observing what happens. Chips placed in one of the yellow pans will make that side heavier, but chips placed in one of the red pans will make that side lighter.


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