Magnets : Magnetic wand activity kit


Magnets : Magnetic wand activity kit

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CR 538.07 M1962 OVERSIZE

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Did you know that every magnet has a north and south pole? When a magnet is broken a north pole will appear at one end and a south pole at the other. Explore the principles of magnetism in your classroom with the Magnetic Wand Activity Kit. This kit contains magnets in a variety of shapes and sizes, non magnetic items, and a discovery guide filled with games and experiments. Set up a marble treasure hunt in a box of sand, or simply play with the forces of attraction and repulsion. Other suggested activities include making a compass, and seeing how many marbles can trail from one magnetic wand. The kit also contains the Moo Magnet Kit with additional magnets, an activity guide, and information on how magnets are used to prevent Hardware Disease in cows. Ages six and up will enjoy this creative kit.


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