Pretend and play tape measure


Pretend and play tape measure

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Find out if you measure up with the our featured activity kit, the Pretend & Play Tape Measure. The tape measure has a large plastic handle for easy use by small hands, and features measurements in inches and centimetres to a length of 36” or 100 cm. Children as young as three can enjoy learning and playing with the Pretend & Play Tape Measure, but the manipulative might be particularly helpful for teaching Grade 1 and 2 math curriculum involving measurement. The Ontario Curriculum ask that primary students learn to “measure, and record length, perimeter, [and] area”, a learning goal the Pretend & Play Tape Measure would be well equipped to assist with. 

Teachers or teacher candidates looking to use the Pretend & Play Tape Measure or other similar math manipulatives in the classroom might be interested in Hands-on Standards: Photo-Illustrated Lessons for Teaching with Math Manipulatives, the book offers math lesson plan inspiration for students ranging kindergarten to 4th grade level.  Beyond the Pretend & Play Tape Measure the OISE Library has numerous math manipulatives relevant to teaching primary students about measurement. Ten Beads Tall is an interactive book featuring a string of beads which allows students to practice measuring everything from lighthouses to caterpillars. The Unifix Height Chart allows students measure height in units ranging from hands and unifix cubes, to inches and centimeters.


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