Altay frog dissection model


Altay frog dissection model

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The Altay Frog Dissection Model is a great interactive way to develop students understanding of the body and life systems. The Frog Dissection Model allows students to see and understand how various organs work within a single animal, an understanding which translates to other animals, including themselves, since many organs systems in complex animals work in similar ways to those of humans. The excellent clarity and detail of the thoracic and abdominal structures of the model make it a great alternative to live frog dissections, or can be used in conjunction to live dissections as a point of reference.frog

The model features a 2.5 x life size model with 4 removable pieces, including the liver, lungs, stomach, and bladder, which are all secured by magnets for easy removal and assembly. The kit also includes a number key describing the various organs that are labels, as well as a removable stand.

Develop your students’ understanding of anatomy and complex life systems through the Frog Dissection Model, and other models in OISE curriculum resources collection.


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