Big Time classroom clock kit


Big Time classroom clock kit

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There are fun times to be had with the Big Time Classroom Clock Kit! This featured activity kit allows students to practice telling time in a hands-on and interactive manner. The kit consists of 1 large clock for teacher demonstrations and 24 mini-clocks for use by students.  Additionally, a booklet offers guidance and tips for designing activities and lesson plans featuring the clocks. The kit is especially pertinent to the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum for Grades 1, 2, and 3, which requires that students become familiar with reading both analogue and digital clocks. The kit remains relevant as students progress from first identifying hours to later dealing with increments in minutes.

The OISE Library’s Curriculum Resource Collection carries a number of books which might supplement lessons on measurement and telling time. Zip Around: Time is a game which aims to make telling time engaging and interactive. The game features cards which lead students through a fast-paced question and answer game in which they gain experience reading analogue and digital clocks. Books such as Time to Learn About Measuring, Time to Learn About Seconds, Minutes & Hours, and Measuring: Seconds, Minutes, and Hours discuss measurement and telling time with a primary grade audience in mind.



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