Bean germination


Bean germination


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Share the wonders of plant growth — and avoid the mess of soil and water — with the Bean Germination kit. Set in a non-toxic plastic case, this kit displays the process of germination. Starting from a tiny seed which expands as it germinates, the tiny sprout develops a taproot and lateral roots before a young stem and first leaves are formed. The kit displays these stages in 6 real examples which can be viewed from all sides for a true to nature experience.

Keep this kit handy during your lesson as an illustrative tool for teaching, or have students work independently or in groups to identify the stages of growth. You can also combine the Bean Germination kit with your classroom experiments in planting seeds; use it to describe to students what’s happening under the soil as their seeds germinate. Unlike your real seedlings, the Bean Germination kit will “live” on from year to year!


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