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Simple machines lab


Simple machines lab

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Designed like a game, our activity kit will teach your students how to create and build machines using scientific methods such as the fixed pulley, inclined plane and level. Each student (or group) will use one of the seven experiment cards to build their machine. Upon completion, discussions of the methods used to build the machine and why they work, will lead to continued group interaction and learnings for all.

Simple Machines Lab includes: 7 experiment cards, lever (arm and fulcrum), wheel and axle, fixed pulley, movable pulley, 2 inclined planes (one-inch and three-inch) and landing base, four-ounce weight, 2 eight-ounce weights, string (18 feet), 6 plastic hooks, 20 rubber bands, ruler and a wooden display stand.

At the completion of this activity students will gain practical knowledge of how the machines are built and the scientific theories that enable them.

Simple Machines is targeted for students in grades 3–5.


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