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Dash & Dot pack

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Are you looking for an exciting, intuitive way to introduce robotics to your classroom? Meet Dash & Dot – two robots that can help your K-8 students learn how to code!

Dash & Dot work together to teach basic computational thinking, making them an immersive tool to incorporate STEM activities into your curriculum as well as an excellent choice for constructive free-play.  Both Dash and Dot are app-controlled: simply download the apps you want onto your tablet, and Dash and Dot will connect to the tablet via Bluetooth (no need for WiFi to play!).

Dash (left) responds to commands from both the tablet and from Dot. Students can use the app to construct a chain of commands for Dash to follow that incorporate lights, sensors, and movements. Equipped with three proximity sensors to detect objects that are right, left, and behind them and with two sturdy wheels, Dash can easily navigate crowded classrooms and carpet flooring. Dot (right) responds to both the app and to physical movement – your students can even program Dash to respond when Dot is picked up and moved around by hand.

Dash and Dot are intuitive to operate, and students will have an easy time learning to operate them. Dash and Dot also come with a book written for students that provide simple instructions for programming and suggested activities.

Here are some of Wonder’s free apps to get you started:

Go: Learn about Dash by programming its lights and sensors and learn how to make it move.

Wonder: Students can learn about robotics through set challenges, or create their own code in Free-Play mode.

Blockly: Teaches coding concepts such as variables, events, and conditionals through projects and puzzles.

Path: Students can draw paths in the app to send Dash around the classroom.

The full Dash & Dot pack comes with two robots (1 large, 1 small), 2 USB connectors, 2 building brick connectors, 2 user guides and 1 quick start booklet, and the Dash and Dotbook by Kamya Sarma. Please note that you will require WiFi or mobile data in order to download the apps, and afterwards Dash and Dot will communicate only through Bluetooth.  Dash and Dot can speak in English, Mandarin, French, Korean, and Spanish, but the apps are available in English only.


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