Evo starter kit


Evo starter kit


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Evo, like the Ozobot Bit, can be used with simply paper and markers, or it can be used in conjunction with its designated app or website. The robots read colour sequences to follow commands, so students can create lines of coded instructions — or they can create entire drawings!

Evo works very similarly to Bit, but is used in conjunction with the Evo app as opposed to the OzoBlockly website. Using the Evo app, students can earn points and level-up as they learn to code and create. Again, students can simply use paper and markers to draw out the code by hand.

For education professionals who may want to familiarize themselves with Evo before introducing the robots into the classroom, helpful tutorials and tips and tricks can be found on the OzoBot website.  

The Ozobots are recommended for students in grade 1 and up, due to the small size and delicate nature of the robots.


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