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Sphero BOLT


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Sphero SPRK+ and Sphero BOLT are both spherical robots that can be programmed to move in different directions, following real-world, drawn out pathways or digitally encoded directions. To use these robots, you must first download the Sphero Edu App, which is available for download on iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Chrome. In the app, you can program your robot to complete activities and use pre-existing programs to explore their functionalities. They are appropriate for various levels of learning: according to the Sphero Edu website, you can “learn to program your robot by drawing a path, using a sequence of code blocks, or writing your own JavaScript code.” As a teacher, you can even assign activities to learners in your classroom through the app, customizing the learning experience for your students!

The Sphero Code Mat and Activity Card Set is intended for use with either of the programmable Sphero robots. It has two layouts to explore: a cityscape and a golf course. The mat comes with 3 identical sets of 20 cards that outline programming challenges to be completed by one or more Sphero robots in conjunction with the Sphero Edu App. Each activity card outlines a scenario which must be solved by programming the Sphero robot to move through the Code Mat in a specified way, including a QR code that links directly to the Sphero Edu App. The mat is large enough that multiple students may be able to undertake different activities at once.

The Sphero robots can be used separately or together and in conjunction with the Sphero Code Mat and Activity Card Set. They’re great for learners in grades 3 and up — and for eager teachers who want a chance to play with coding and programming themselves!


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