Constellation blocks


Constellation blocks


CR 523.8 C758


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The kit explores 16 different constellations from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. Each block includes information about the name, the constellation symbol, the magnitude, the hemisphere and also includes two debossed sides with the constellations (one with the connecting lines included).

It is a very tactile activity kit as the creators of the block encourage students to touch the constellations that are on the blocks to feel the differences in size and magnitude between the different stars. Many of the symbols are also historically significant and they encourage students to research about them. These blocks are a great kit to introduce into lesson plans on constellations, as they allow students to identify, compare and contrast different constellations and stars, as well as to recognize famous stars and their mythologies. Furthermore, it also introduces them to understanding and comparing simple scientific data.

The wood is non-toxic and made with non-toxic inks, and the blocks are meant for children who are two years old and above.


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