Iron filings


Iron filings

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Demonstrate the principles of magnetic force with iron filings. The Iron Filings activity kit can be a useful addition to physical science instruction that introduces primary-level students to magnetic behaviors such as attraction and repulsion.

The extremely fine and smooth iron filings form intricate patterns in response to magnets. The iron filings are encased in five clear plastic blocks so that students can explore magnetism hands-on, without making a mess. Each block is 3” long x 2” wide. The kit does not include magnets. However a number of magnets are available in the OISE Library K-12 Manipulatives collectionMagnet Magic includes bar magnets, ring magnets, and marble magnets. The Magnetic Wand Activity Kit comes with magnetic wands and magnetic marbles.

Consider supplementing the Iron Filings kit with elementary-level study and teaching books about magnetism. Magnets includes projects and activities that offer an overview of magnetism. The Science Book of Magnets includes several experiments about magnetism.



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