Little bits premium kit


Little bits premium kit

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CR 621.3192 L778

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Take science and electronics a step further with the LittleBits Premium Kit.

LittleBits take the power of engineers and puts into the hands of artists, creators, and students. With this kit it is no longer necessary to be an expert to create amazing circuit-based projects in minutes.

Little bits uses colour coded pieces to simplify the process of electronic engineering – blue power, pink for input modules, green for output modules and orange for wires which expand the reach your project . The bits attach to one another magnetically, so there is no need for soldering or wiring, and you will never put them together the wrong way.

With over 600,000 circuit combinations, the kit will provide students with hours of fun and creative learning. Use the guide book included in the kit to learn about each bit and  its unique function. The guide will also provide you with 10 projects of varying levels of complexity.

To learn more about LittleBits, watch Ayah Bdeir’s TED Talk, “Building Blocks that Blink, Beep and Teach“. You can also explore the LittleBits website for countless more projects and ideas, and to share your projects with the LittleBits community. Finally, you can download the free LittleBits app at the iTunes app store.


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