Makey Makey kit


Makey Makey kit

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Everyone is an inventor with the Makey Makey kit. Two graduate students from the MIT Media Lab created this easy to use invention kit that is recommended for anyone ages 8 and up. The kit can transform everyday objects into touch pads that send keyboard and mouse messages to the computer. The kit includes a human interface device (HID) circuit board and a USB cable to connect the board to a computer. The computer will register the circuit board as a keyboard or mouse. The front of the board has a space bar, click, and arrow keys, while the back of the board features additional keyboard keys and support for a mouse. Attach alligator clips to any object that can conduct electricity, for example, a lemon, pencil, coin, and more. The connected object can then be used as a touch pad. Up to 6 objects can be connected to the board, so that keyboard messages can be sent to programs and web pages.

Makey Makey encourages us to explore new ways to interface with computers, beyond the keyboard and mouse. This kit can be used to support educators with teaching about human centered design, engineering, arts, and other subjects.


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